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Our services vary from monthly irrigations maintenance programs to irrigation renovations to the new installations.

A monthly maintenance consists of:

  • Checking clock and proper time setting, turning each zone on and looking for too much or too little coverage, checking for clogged or defective heads, edging around each head donut, making clock settings for additional or decreased zone run times, making seasonal adjustments from the rainy season to the winter months.

Irrigation Renovations:

  • very commonly we see that the landscapes have grown over the years and the irrigation system has not been modified or modified incorrectly. This is were you landscape can suffer tremendously. Irrigation is the most important factor of the landscape management program, it doesn't take a lot of water used incorrectly to create pest problems and damage. The amount of irrigation has an effect on the amount of pest control needed, the correct amount of fertilizer per year applied and the overall health of the landscape.
  • We assess all factors when looking at renovating a system. These may range from moving heads, adding or removing heads, and checking for proper gallons per hour per zone.